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Design and Development

Clean and modern responsive design, for an optimal user experience that achieves your business goals. Using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, I build fast, interactive websites.

E-Commerce Solution

Integration of CMS e-commerce platform, payment geteway, SSL certificate and more customizations.

WordPress Website

Development and management of WordPress websites with front-end customization. Easily update content without knowing "How to code".

Web Optimization

Improve your website with, a better user experience, page performance or problem solving. Request you free check!


A responsive design guarantees you to reach any user guaranteeing maximum coverage, optimized for all screens.


Analytics integration lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your websites pages, video, and social networking sites.



"Marco has grown tremendously over the years and has become one of the most valuable and prolific developer on my team. Marco is extremely accountable to deadlines and skilled at working independently, while at the same time is proactive about contributing to the team. Because he’s so accountable and communicative, I have no doubt that Marco will excel in a remote role with a distributed team. Just recently Marco has updated my website, but this time as freelance. Marco is an impressive, reliable, consistent, and creative collaborator who supports his colleagues, takes initiative, and is an absolute pleasure to work with."

Alessio Teruzzi
CEO Alessio Teruzzi Milano

"Marco is a serious, responsible, organized professional and highly competent in his technical skills. He shows a purposeful attitude and a concern for taking care of the design that add special values ​​to his work. In addition, his interrelational qualities help teams work and create synergistic work environments."

Ángel Daniel Íñiguez Perez
Producciones Anafilaxis Director

"I would like to recommend a professional like Marco who, thanks to his seriousness and dynamism, has achieved an excellent job. His skills and his talent, together with the aesthetic ability to create a functional product make him adaptable to any project. Finally, thanks to his great availability, he managed to combine my philosophy of pastry with the ease of navigation, creating an absolutely exceptional site."

Stefano Spinazzola
Owner Pasticceria Levains

Who am I?

I am living of my passions! I am a Front End Developer and Web Developer adept in all stages of advanced web development. Knowledgeable in user interface, testing, and debugging processes. Strong background in project management and customer relation.
My professional experience includes using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to create various features for customers websites with also using Ajax and libraries as jQuery and Bootstrap. This provide users the best experience suited to their device and browser. I also have experience in developing and managing MySQL databases.

...but, Who is Marco?

I am a very cheerful, casual, professional and above all punctual person. I cultivate several hobbies including doing various sports and traveling:
I love meeting and getting to know people from all over the world. I think that it is fundamental for the professional and human growth of each of us to have the opportunity to interact with different mentalities from ours and the fusion of different cultures which I consider an enrichment that I could not do without. I like having the perfect balance between professional and personal life, always looking for new stimuli.

Contact Me

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
It could be the beginning of a long collaboration.